About Oberweiler

The Oberweiler Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation incorporated in 2000 in the State of Illinois.

The Foundation seeks to fulfill the wishes of its founders by supporting organizations that provide unique and innovative solutions to existing problems and new challenges for the following targeted categories of giving:

  • Helping individuals achieve higher levels of wellness through the application of alternative medicine procedures;
  • Supporting U.S. veterans and their families in the transition back to civilian life;
  • Preventing the demise of America‚Äôs wilderness/wetlands as a result of private exploitation and/or public encroachment; and,
  • Assisting sick, and/or abused children (12 and under).

The Foundation’s mission is to fund programs primarily in Northern Illinois (Cook, Du Page, Kane, Lake, and McHenry counties).

The Oberweiler Foundation is committed to child protection and encourages all grantees that serve youth to have a child sexual abuse prevention policy, mandated reporter policy and regular training.

Before contacting the Foundation, please review our Application guidelines and procedures.