Grantmaking Guidelines


Funded organizations/projects must:

  • Provide unique and innovative solutions to existing problems and new challenges for the following targeted categories of giving:
    • Helping individuals achieve higher levels of wellness through the application of alternative medicine procedures;
    • Supporting U.S. veterans and their families in the transition back to civilian life;
    • Preventing the demise of America’s wilderness/wetlands as a result of private exploitation and/or public encroachment; and,
    • Assisting sick, and/or abused children (12 and under).
  • Be a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and be recognized as such by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service
  • Follow the Oberweiler Grantmaking process including the submission of all requested documentation
  • Allow for an Oberweiler staff visit to the agency or project site
  • Sign a grants contract and agree to provide quarterly progress reports


The Foundation prefers programs or projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Involvement in the planning and implementation of the project by the persons who will be served;
  • Focus on preventing or solving persistent problems, not meeting basic needs (operational or capital expenses);
  • Will affect significant numbers of people;
  • Have small budgets and limited access to other funding sources, yet demonstrate an ability to secure current and future sources of support;
  • Build upon progress achieved through prior grants;
  • Address multiple targeted categories of giving; and
  • For grantees that serve youth, have a Child Protection Checklist, mandated reporter policy and regular training


Proposals for the following will not be approved:

  • Building Funds, capital campaigns or renovations
  • General operating funds
  • Government entities
  • Individual financial assistance
  • International projects
  • Political causes, candidates, campaigns, or direct lobbying
  • Organizations lacking tax-exempt status