Post Grant Quarterly Reporting

In order for the trustees to assess the progress and impact of the Foundation’s grants, all grantees are required to submit quarterly updates. Each quarterly report must describe what was achieved and how performance was measured. It is important for the report to explain what has been done, to establish accountability, and to measure/verify accomplishments.

Reports must include:

  1. Narrative: Describe the progress made this quarter. Include accomplishments and challenges. Tie progress to any timelines stated in the grant application materials.
  2. Challenges: Describe the challenges faced and what will be done to overcome them
  3. Measurements used: Describe how effectiveness has been measured
  4. Results: Report quarterly and year-to-date results based on #3.
  5. Financials: Provide a grant project “budget to actual” analysis (how have grant funds been applied to date?) Provide a cash flow forecast for the remainder of the grant period.
  6. Anecdotal: Add any anecdotal information that may assist the trustees in their review.

Quarterly reports are due 15 days after the close of a calendar quarter (April 15, July 15, Oct 15, Jan 15)