Children’s Oncology Services

Project Title
One Step at a Time Summer Camp for children with cancer
Assisting Sick and Abused Children
Chicago, IL

Unique recreational, educational, and therapeutic program to help meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of children (7-10 years old) diagnosed with cancer. The grant helps to underwrite room & board, transportation, and program/medical supplies expenses associated with the operation of the camp. Inasmuch as some participants have cognitive issues or disabilities, adaptive equipment is also provided for those campers. These programs help the children to bond with each other, and their supervisors, in a non-hospital setting, challenging them to learn new skills, while providing access to sports, camping, and other activities. The skills, lessons, support, and hope these children gain at camp empowers them as they return home to face the challenges of cancer after learning they are more than cancer patients, they are survivors!