Comer Children’s Hospital

Project Title
Integrative Medicine Residency Program, Complementary and Alternative Services and Outpatient Clinic
Alternative Medicine
Chicago, IL

Second year of a three-year grant ($15,000 in 2015; $45,000 in 2016; $40,000 in 2017) to support the expansion of the Integrative Medicine Program and Integrated Comfort Team. The funding will cover continued support of residency training program for integrative/alternative medicine; research opportunities for further CAM exploration; expansion of CAM offerings in the areas of nutrition, yoga, meditation and acupuncture; the addition of CAM outpatient clinic.

The Pediatric Comfort Team was launched by the hospital to address the suffering and pain of children with serious, chronic illness. The “team” uses CAM to optimize the quality of life for children receiving palliative care with a focus on treating underserved children, reflecting a growing recognition that a palliative care team is a critical part of a comprehensive pediatric oncology program.